Our family is devastated by the loss of Parker, but we are trying to turn our tragedy into a positive by providing scholarships and other life-changing opportunities to help young people reach for their dreams. Our family has worked tirelessly for the past two years to keep Parker’s light burning bright. We have established a 501c3 charitable organization: Parker Killian GIVES Moore — all donations are tax deductible.

  • Seventeen (17) scholarships have been awarded to date
  • Fall 2018/Spring 2019: Gwinnett Technical College (where he attended school)
  • Piedmont Technical College in South Carolina
  • Central Georgia Technical College
  • Clemson University’s Youth Learning Institute at Camp Sewee, a marine science summer camp.
  • Positive Arc Green School
  • Frederick Community College in Frederick, Maryland

NOTE: Please do not confuse other fundraising efforts and projects in Parker’s name with the endeavors sanctioned by Parker Killian GIVES Moore. If you have questions about our initiatives, scholarships, or events, please feel free to use our  contact form, or by emailing us at 117@parkerkillianmoore.com.