Two memorial swings have been placed at Little Mulberry Park, Auburn, GA. in Parker’s memory.

Parker loved Little Mulberry Park and he and his friends hiked Little Mulberry many times as kids and adults. On occasion, they got lost.

It was a favorite place for Parker to reflect and photograph. So when we had to find somewhere to celebrate Parker and his extraordinary life – it became clear that ‘Little Mulberry’ was the ONLY possibility. February 1 was a cold wintry and painfully sad day. But many friends and family gathered to share, cry, and celebrate Parker in a place he loved.

Several weeks after, We shared our story with Gwinnett Parks Foundation. They had a vision of placing two swings in the park, each with a memorial plaque. Parker’s Mom’s family and Barberito’s both decided this was a great and lasting way to remember and honor him.

One swing was placed beside the pavilion looking out over the pond, exactly where his service was held. They even cut tress back to give a clear view of the pond.

The second swing was already installed. It sat at the highest point in the park and the highest point in Gwinnett County and overlooked Parker’s other favorite place – the North Georgia Mountains. He and his friends hiked and camped many times there.

Plaques have been placed on each swing.